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Panoramic Views at Sawyer Bay, Stanley, Tasmania

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

How good is it when the sun is shining and the temperature is turning it on?

I enjoyed the fantastic opportunity of spending Christmas at my lovely mother in law's beachside home near Stanley, Tasmania. How often do you hear someone say that? Well, I consider myself very lucky! And my luck made a splendid time better with the weather turning it on.

The location, Sawyer Bay, which you may know as near the resident Nut of Stanley, offers up the most incredible beachside experiences. Tranquillity reaches a new level where even the local gulls rest in the local fauna and shoes grow on trees - in all seriousness, check out the photo!

This area of coast known by few is a remarkable place to unwind while spending time in the North West of Tasmania. Sawyer Bay is close to a buzzing agricultural landscape and a hop and a skip to the world-renown and stunning Tarkine National Park. There are options if you cannot find enough here in Sawyer Bay to explore. That isn't to mention the gems offered nearby in Stanley, including colonial buildings, geological marvels, a chair lift, friendly people, gorgeous beaches, and wildlife abundance. Did I mention that Stanley also offers some of the freshest seafood going round?

Talking about seafood, crabs galore certainly make for a protein-rich and crunchy meal and for any four-legged friend that happens to stroll the beach at Sawyer Bay. There are no signs restricting dogs here at last look. Please keep in mind that dogs here need extra attention and should not be allowed to stray far due to natural habitats' sensitivity in the area. It is rare to see domestic animals here, let alone humans, which adds to the serenity.

The sea, land and birdlife observed in this location are abundantly incredible. The meandering estuary influences a vibrant native community of wildlife where freshwater meets saltwater and mud meets the sand in a forever evolving environment. The tidal movement is expansive, which, when low, leaves many areas for exploring on foot and when high, likewise, but by kayak.

Next time I visit, I'll bring my telephoto!

The photos at Sawyer Bay were some of the first shot on my Canon EOS R6 with the zoom lens 24-105mm f/4l.

In this collection, you will find dramatically dreamy (yes, those two words together!) and quiet landscape photos. Thrown in are a few bonus gems snapped at this location.

On location lapping up the serenity at Sawyer Bay, Stanley, Tasmania ↓

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