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Time-lapse Photography

Time-lapses are an amazing method in communicating periods of time, by encapsulating and accelerating the replay of experiences, scenery, history, and any subjects of interest that last too long for short-form video.

Golden Hour Sunset Timelapse at Hobart Dock in Hobart, Tasmania in 4K

Golden Hour Sunset Timelapse at Hobart Dock in Hobart, Tasmania in 4K

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Photography intrinsically connects science and art in the most profound way.


Time-lapse photography is perhaps the pinnacle of this relationship.


To capture the perfect time-lapse commands a focus on detail in camera and in the scene for calculating across a spatial and temporal change in the given environment.

The first steps asides from finding the most serene or dramatic of locations for your camera and tripod, are to set your in-body camera parameters for setting the mood of the time-lapse.

In my process, I am mindful of the high-level settings of maximum auto ISO, minimum auto shutter speed, aperture to maintain, and the time interval between shots.

But, first, when did you last sit back, smile and think to yourself, "ah, the serenity?"

For me, this is what time-lapse photography nails. It allows you to sit back, relax, and be in the moment while creating your next masterpiece.

Just think for a moment about the beauty in the time there is in soaking up the surroundings during golden hour, a full moon moving steadily into position, subjects captured in a continual and smooth motion, and all for one or more hours compressed into a minute or two!

We can all sit back and think of the sunsets, and sunrises we have captured. The deeply saturated colours, the drop in wind and balance in peace, those magical moments when you can count time by admiring the landscape.

This magical experience is what draws me to timelapse photography and the enthusiasm to share with you.

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