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Travelling pre-Covid-19 and pre-children was an experience that few privileged people in this world enjoy, let alone with children! With this idea of limited travel amongst the world population, I take this privilege to document, share and open the world to others who are looking to visit similar destinations.

My style of travel is not for everyone and that is okay, you might find an interesting angle of reasoning or whish to challenge your status quo. My style is characterised in many different ways and perhaps yours too?


To dig deeper into what this looks like, I ask you the following questions. How do you travel within a country or between countries? Where do you stay when travelling? Where do you eat? Can you count to ten, ask how someone is, and can you order food and drinks in the host country's language?

These questions boil down into four pillars, transport, food, accomodation, and language. In other words, what is your luxury trade off to local experience?

Now, there may be a fundamental difference between a holiday and travel. One would be more luxurious, while the other pushes the experience. In the case of this blog, we're focussing on travelling for experience.

To get an example of the pillar, food, would you eat at a local roadside stall nearby to the bustling traffic in a dusty and smoggy city? This is ultimately where experiencing life on the streets is both appetizing and intimate. Yes, I've had my fare share of stomach bugs and with that all those nasty symptoms, but I wouldn't trade these stories for a pool side five star retreat, especially as "western" venues largely conceal the hidden truths of down the road where all is encapsulated in action.

Afterall, if you're looking to build your own treasure chest of travel stories that last a lifetime and influence your decisions in life, I'd say you're in the right area as we share a common ground that I'd love to explore with you.

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