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Unadulterated photos that look great on your wall!

Playing with my father's Pentax film SLR and my Grandfather's Rolleiflex T are perhaps my first photography memories. The idea of capturing moments in time, forever saved precious memories, was genuinely fascinating as a child and is reasonably more so now that my comprehension of time on a scale is more robust than when I was ten years old. 

Publishing work has several distinct, yet common benefits and outcomes that I have jotted below and not in any order.

  • Enjoyment in lifelong activities and hobbies. These include family and friends, adventure and travel, and everything in between. 

  • Making money and not actively but passively. How else do we maintain enjoyment?

  • Challenging the procrastination in perfection by pressing that publish button sooner rather than later.

  • Documenting life and the natural world around us is imperative, not just for our private albums, but for generations to come.

  • Building on skills with the motto "practice makes perfect, but not so much that I don't publish my work or get out there and take more photos that push creativity."

To make the above somewhat tangible, here is your invite to purchase photo(s) from my collection to do as you please. I truly appreciate this, as each sale allows me to progress in my passions of capturing the world at its finest.

This collection contains dreamy to impactful landscapes, gentle and sometimes not so soft animals that are cute. Objects that catch the eye and thankfully not too sharp that they are pleasing to view. Architecture and general street photography that contribute timelessly to history incase you forgot the look of the local corner shop.

By the way, I do sell images on stock photo sites, some of these may be found there. If you don't pay a monthly fee to a stock site, you can by these images for a one off and discounted fee that will see you smiling as you claim your print.




If you are looking for a specific landmark, place, type of photography, or anything else, please feel free to use the search in the top right of this site.

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