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Introducing the Little Wattlebird, distinct by its call and lack of wattles, is native to Australia.

Much like many Australians, I was fortunate to be raised with a close and admiring affiliation to the bush. My family's primary business is dairy farming and operating a native plant nursery (Redbreast Plants), both of which have been in the family for generations. This background has driven a passion for the land that is strongest in harmony with the local flora and fauna.

My father's desire to grow the biggest trees he can in his lifetime is evident with the healthy bush that flanks part of our family's property. It is here that I built bushwalking tracks with my grandfather, cousin and brother and developed the strongest connection to the environment.


The distinct calling of the Little Wattlebird has always provided wonderful memories of the Australian bush and that of my privileged past. The incredible moment is to capture one of these birds with a telephoto and zoom in to see the fine detail of these glorious creatures.

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