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Argentina Travel and Highlights

Only seeing four places in Argentina, we liked what we saw! Great wines and scenery! Iguacu Falls and the sprawling capital Buenos Aires, wow! Why such a short time? I hear you ask. Well, we landed here in the middle of winter and decided it was too cold, so beelined north into Brasil. Later in the trip, we reentered Argentina into Mendoza from Chile. Unfortunately, we reentered before Christmas and could foresee the prices climbing. This situation drove us toward the much cheaper Bolivia in a quick step. The short time we spent in Argentina was delightful and has influenced our desire to return.


Buenos Aires: A city that never sleeps with a lot happening

  • Enjoy a large, tender and juicy steak mmmm Buenos Aires

  • The Goya Hotel - Clean, quiet with an extensive buffet breakfast of sweets

  • Pinched for time? Enjoy the city on a touring double-decker bus

  • Sleeping at the airport, not a favourite but a highlight

  • Enjoy the always happening nightlife

  • Move your feet in one of the many tango clubs

Books towering in a park in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Books towering in a park in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Iguacu Falls: Falling water, actually cascading everywhere you look

  • Explore these fantastic waterfalls and max out your memory card with photos

  • Check out the Brasilian side while you are here for an overall view

Water cascading at Iguazu Falls in Argentina
Water cascading at Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Mendoza: Laidback city with wine on tap

  • Savigliano Hostel - Close to the bus station and centre of the city

  • Challenge your balance on a wine tour with a bicycle

  • Mr Hugo Wineries and Bikes The cheapest way is to catch a local bus to Mr Hugo, most hostels can give you directions by bus.

  • Visit the zoo, although lots of these animals seem to be suffering. Pay the entrance fee and hope it goes towards their survival.

Bronnie at a vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina
Bronnie at a vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina

Salta: A beautiful and laid back city with a relaxed vibe

  • Enjoy a ride on the Teleferico for city views

  • See the city from above, at the top of the Teleferico

  • Visit the museum for a look at the Inca mummy

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